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Collaboration is messy.

We're Caitlin and Seema, and we'll help you untangle the chaos!

Are any of these situations familiar? If so, let's chat.

Never-ending cycles of meetings about the same problem?

Wasted time on work that wasn't aligned with customer expectations? 

No time to get work done due to meeting-filled calendars?

Overflowing backlog with competing priorities from stakeholders?

Different expectations for meeting management and facilitation?

What We Do

What we do

We are management consultants offering collaboration advisory and facilitation services who are passionate about transforming how teams meet and achieve their goals. With statistics showing that 71% of managers find traditional meetings unproductive and inefficient and 64% believe that meetings hinder deep thinking, it's clear that the current meeting culture is broken and a change is needed.


Our services are designed to address common pain points in modern work environments and help teams and organizations make the most of their valuable time. Drawing on our years of project and program management experience, we understand the unique challenges faced in leadership roles. Our solutions foster team alignment, maximize productivity, and drive overall success by empowering teams to collaborate better and solve problems faster.

"Many existing frameworks—TRIZ, Six Sigma, Scrum, and others—are quite comprehensive. When properly applied, they can be tremendously powerful. But their very thoroughness also makes them too complex and time-consuming to fit into a regular workday. The setting in which people most need to be better at problem diagnosis is not the annual strategy seminar but the daily meeting — so we need tools that don’t require the entire organization to undergo weeks-long training programs.”

Are You Solving the Right Problems?|Harvard Business Review

Our Services

Working Together

Management Workshops

Achieve Results through Active Collaboration

Working Together

Meeting Audit and Revamp

Revitalize and Transform Your Meeting Culture

Business Meeting

Meeting Optimization Training

Empower Your Team with Effective Meeting Strategies

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