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think collaboratively, productively, differently

👋 Hi, I'm Caitlin!

My trainings can help your teams think differently about the problems they're solving to collaborate better, reduce wasted work, and achieve better outcomes.

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Are any of these situations familiar? If so, let's chat!

Wasted time on work that wasn't aligned with customer expectations? 

Overflowing backlog with competing priorities from stakeholders?

Lack of innovative ideas and solutions?

Difficulty turning initiative visions into action?

Training offerings

Enhance your team's productivity by adopting human-centered and iterative mindsets!

My sessions draw on the key principles of Design Thinking and Agile methodologies to empower teams to take action and improve their day-to-day effectiveness. The training provides practical tools aimed at fostering innovation, streamlining efforts, and significantly reducing wasted time.


Drawing on years of project and program management experience, this training is designed to address common pain points in modern work environments and help teams and organizations make the most of their valuable time.

"Many existing frameworks—TRIZ, Six Sigma, Scrum, and others—are quite comprehensive. When properly applied, they can be tremendously powerful. But their very thoroughness also makes them too complex and time-consuming to fit into a regular workday. The setting in which people most need to be better at problem diagnosis is not the annual strategy seminar but the daily meeting — so we need tools that don’t require the entire organization to undergo weeks-long training programs.”

Are You Solving the Right Problems? 
Harvard Business Review

Training Topics

🎯 Defining the Problem: Learn about the importance of human-centered mindsets and how to identify needs and gather crucial information about your challenges before you start solutioning. Practice collaborative problem-solving techniques like the Five Whys and User Journey Maps to clearly define and reframe problems into actionable "how might we" questions.

🧠 Brainstorming Strategies: Unlock your creativity with a variety of brainstorming techniques designed to encourage diverse perspectives. These methods foster inclusive participation, leading to the best outcomes and solutions. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and end sessions with actionable steps, ensuring your ideas lead to tangible results.

🔢 Prioritization Techniques: Delve into why prioritization is crucial in today's fast-paced world and learn frameworks that you can apply immediately. This interactive session will give you practical tools and strategies you can use to prioritize both as individuals and with your teams, empowering you to stop feeling overwhelmed by your to-do lists and start taking action.

👁 From Vision to Action: Transform your initiative and project visions into reality by learning to collaboratively establish a common purpose, set achievable goals, and create milestones and tasks to build a flexible roadmap. Discover how having an iterative mindset can allow you to deliver value earlier and be agile as needs change.

💡 Team Retrospectives: Enhance your team's growth and collaboration with effective retrospectives. Explore several formats and how to make them productive by focusing on the three key parts: reporting, analyzing, and generating. Learn strategies and tips to create safe environments and encourage continuous improvement.

Delivery Information

⏰ Timing: Each topic is available in sessions that range from 90 minutes to 3 hours, allowing you to choose the depth of coverage that best suits your needs! 

📍 Location: In-person and virtual options are available.


👥 Attendees: This training can be facilitated for groups of up to 20 people. Attendees will receive the presentation slides, as well as templates and other resources.


🤩 Expectations: This training is interactive so be ready to work in groups, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and open your mind to different ways of thinking and problem-solving.

"Exceeded my expectations by engaging remote participants well and by offering many different frameworks to choose from when identifying problems and solutioning"

"The breakout activities/exercises were the best part of this training! It was so helpful to test out the various techniques and strategies, rather than just hearing or reading about them. I feel confident in my ability to actually implement some of these strategies."

"The content was fantastic. I am a Business Architect and this training gave me a lot of tools to better manage the discovery process for new products we are implementing."

ABOUT Thinkly Solutions

Our mission is to transform traditional ways of working. Through interactive workshops and trainings, we empower individuals, teams, and organizations to collaborate better, solve problems faster, and achieve better outcomes.

Our key principles are:

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We promote open communication and active participation in a psychologically safe environment

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We teach you the tools to drive action and achieve concrete results 

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We encourage new ideas and perspectives through participation in engaging activities

caitlin headshot

I’m Caitlin Anderson, the owner of Thinkly Solutions. Before starting this company in 2023 with my former partner Seema Habash, I had 10+ years in consulting and operations experience with IBM and Uber. I am known for combining project management methodologies and tools with a people-first mentality. I pride myself on my attention to detail, transparency, and ability to create inclusive and open environments. I have a BA in Economics from the University of Virginia.

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