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Management Workshops

Achieve Results through Active Collaboration

We're here to help you untangle the chaos and bring clarity to your initiatives. Our workshops are alternatives to traditional meetings and are particularly effective when dealing with complex problems or pivotal points that require a high level of collaboration.


Using virtual whiteboard tools and a carefully designed set of activities, we bring structure to your open-ended discussions. We guide you through the workshop and create an environment for your team to tap into their collective intelligence, leading to more ideas, clearer decisions, and better outcomes.

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Workshop Offerings

Workshop lengths start at 2 hours and can vary depending on group sizes and customization. All workshops can be facilitated remotely. Our core workshops include:

Ideation & Innovation


Process Mapping & Pain Point Identification

Ensure you are focusing on user needs and solving the right problems by mapping the current state and identifying areas for improvement.

Solution Brainstorm & Design

Bring together various perspectives and unlock innovative ideas to target your pain points and design a desired future state.



Break down a broad problem statement into more concrete focus areas, ideate on solutions, and decide as a group which action items to focus on.

Stakeholder Management

Prioritize and Find Your Focus

Realign efforts in your team's backlog towards your overall mission and purpose by utilizing activities such as impact versus effort analysis. To sample the power of effective prioritization, try out our Miro template.


Stakeholder Mapping

Develop a shared understanding of your stakeholders by identifying key roles, decision makers, and users so your team can establish relationships and communicate appropriately.

Brainstorming Session
Staff Meeting

Pivotal Points


Kick off a new initiative and establish a shared understanding of its purpose, short- and long-term goals, target audience, and more with all key stakeholders.



Reflect on a recent milestone and give team members the opportunity to openly discuss lessons learned and insights for continuous improvement.

Team Dynamics

Engagement/Retention Strategy

Embrace the diverse perspectives and valuable insights of team members to develop targeted strategies for boosting team morale and enhancing overall engagement.


Team Social Contract

Establish a strong team foundation by collaboratively designing norms for ways or working, communication, accountability, conflict resolution, and more.

Business People Applauding

Our core workshops can be customized to fit your specific needs and we also offer workshop packages.

We are happy to discuss these details with you in a consultation call.

Custom Workshop

If you have a different workshop topic in mind, we are more than happy to co-create a tailored experience specifically for your needs. Our workshops can help unlock new ideas and foster collaboration, whether it's strategy development, Agile ceremonies, change management, or any situation where you feel stuck!

In addition to our expert facilitation services, all of our workshops include an outcomes report that provides you with a clear and easily digestible reference document.


Many benefits can be realized from incorporating workshops into your ways of working. Bringing in an outside facilitator adds to those benefits!

Overall Workshop Benefits

Lightbulb drawn on a sticky note

Unlock Innovative Ideas

Targeted and customized activities help you think differently about your current state

Old-Fashioned Clock

Save Time and Money

Each workshop is productive and leads to agreed upon next steps, helping to reduce rework and wasted work

Business People Having Fun

Encourage Human-Centered Design Mindset

Think about true underlying user needs from the start and keep them at the forefront as you solution

Team High Five

Motivate Teams

Including team members in the process to reach important decisions helps get everyone on board

Benefits of Thinkly Solutions Facilitation

Soccer field

Level The Playing Field

We're unbiased and don't have a stake in the decisions made, so we make sure all perspectives are considered

Person Participating in Video Call

Promote Participation

We encourage active participation and equal contribution from all roles and levels

Organized desk with laptop, pen, paper, agenda book

Stay Productive
We keep the conversation on track and make sure you get to productive outcomes

Clapping Audience

Foster Psychological Safety

Team members feel heard and comfortable to share their opinions

"One of the fundamental shifts in our time is that people are demanding to participate in the decisions that affect their lives. Organizational leadership is becoming more facilitative as leaders explore ideas together with staff and ask for the ideas of those close to the customer. In these participative meetings, people work together to problem-solve, improve procedures, discover more effective ways to serve customers, and deal with complex issues that have no obvious, simple solutions. The outcome is not imposed by the boss but emerges from the group’s discussions and decisions. This requires the whole group to think and work together in new interactive ways.”

The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation

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