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Meeting Audit and Revamp

Revitalize and Transform Your Team's Meeting Culture

Not every meeting needs to be a workshop, but all meetings should be productive!


We help evaluate the sentiment around your meeting culture, collaboratively establish your meeting norms, and revamp meetings that aren't currently achieving their objectives.

Virtual Team Meeting

"Of the 18 hours a week employees spend in meetings, they reported that nearly six hours were unproductive. That amounts to more than $25,000 in annual "wasted" investment in terms of direct monetary costs like salary and benefits and indirect costs such as focusing on tasks that boost the bottom line."
CBS News

Of the 18 hours a week employees spend in meetings...

Our Approach

Our three-step approach is designed to enhance your meetings and extract maximum value from the time your team spends together.

Step 1
Meeting Audit Workshop

We guide your team as you evaluate the effectiveness of your current meetings and establish your meeting norms.

Step 2
Meeting Revamp

We make recommendations to re-energize your meetings and help you meet your goals.

Step 3
Coaching and Follow-up

We coach you through leading your first revamped meeting and conduct a follow-up to make any necessary tweaks.

Our standard package includes the meeting audit workshop and 2 revamped meetings of your choosing with coaching.

Do you already know a meeting you want to revamp? You can skip step 1! We offer tailored solutions that range from agenda design to the addition of interactive activities. We can help optimize regularly scheduled meetings such as: One-on-one Meetings, Agile Ceremonies, All Hands, Lunch & Learns, and Project Status Meetings.


You can also ask us about a standalone meeting norms workshop!

What happens in a meeting audit workshop?

What Type of Meeting Is It?

We help categorize your meetings and consider alternative communication methods when appropriate.

It's About Balance

We assist you in evaluating the impact of scheduled meetings, ensuring a thoughtful balance between individual productivity and effective teamwork.

Ask Your Team

We gather feedback from your team to understand which meetings are working and which ones aren't.

Establish Norms

We help establish meeting norms that promote efficient communication, enhance productivity, and encourage accountability.

Revamp examples

Define the Purpose

We help ensure the meeting objectives are clearly explained in the meeting invite so invitees have clear expectations.

Thoughtfully Exclude

People over-invite to meetings because they don't want to leave anyone out, but this can do more harm than good. We help you think through who actually needs to be invited.

Do the Prep Work

To reach your objectives, you need an action-oriented agenda with topics that build on each other. We'll help create this and suggest interactive activities as appropriate.

For inspiration on where to get started with a meeting revamp,

try one of our published Miro templates:

Monthly one-on-one check-in

Asynchronous team feedback

Prioritization party

Our templates have been used over 100 times to enhance team collaboration.


Computer screen that says the words "do work" on it

Boost Productivity

Get work done in the meeting and make better use of all team members' time.

Nootbook and planner

Achieve Objectives

Clearly defined goals keep the conversation on track to help your team stay focused on the topic at hand.


Create Space for Productive Work

Eliminating unnecessary meetings means creating more time for focused and uninterrupted work.

Spark light

Spark Culture Change

Change how team members view meeting time and get energy levels back up.

Business Meeting

Increase Engagement

Shake up your current meetings to increase participation and information sharing.

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