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Meeting Optimization Training

Empower Your Team with Effective Meeting Strategies

Occasional bad meetings may be frustrating, but frequent ineffective meetings can have widespread impacts on culture. While meetings can foster collaboration and problem-solving, they can be wasteful and discouraging if not well-organized and intentional.


We train your team on the skills and strategies to make meetings productive. Our trainings are designed to not only optimize meeting effectiveness, but also to boost employee morale, promote innovation, and foster team cohesiveness.

Business Meeting

"Many organizations...endure the triple whammy of meetings that are (1) too frequent, (2) poorly timed, and (3) badly run, leading to losses in productivity, collaboration, and well-being for both groups and individuals. This is the worst-case scenario—and, unfortunately, the most prevalent." 

Stop the Meeting Madness (

The triple whammy of meetings...

Training Offerings

We teach your team how to make the most of the time they spend together in meetings. These trainings are held virtually, and we offer a variety of topics to match your team's needs and interests. Our core trainings include:

Meeting Lifecycle

Dive deep into what you should do to do pre-meeting, during the meeting, and post-meeting.

meeting types

Understand the different types of meetings and how to use them effectively.

Meetings vs workshops

Learn the differences between meetings and workshops and when to leverage each one. 

We offer these trainings as standalone sessions or as a comprehensive package. The package includes a bonus introduction training on the keys to effective meetings.


Custom Training: Don’t see exactly what you're looking for? We can work with you to build a custom training. Reach out to us and we can co-create a course with you!

Check out our FREE reference guide for an introduction to meetings vs workshops!

Expected Outcomes

Senior Businessman


Our trainings equip individuals with essential skills to facilitate and manage meetings, as well as foster an understanding of scheduling meetings that are purposeful and considerate of their fellow team members' time.

Business meeting

Effective meeting management is a crucial skill for managers as it enables them to lead productive discussions and use their team's time most effectively.

Team Meeting


Teaching teams the skills to improve meeting quality can have a positive impact on overall morale, leading to reduced burnout and increased engagement.

Business Networking


Our trainings help minimize wasted time by reducing the number of unproductive meetings, enhance cross-functional collaboration, and boost overall productivity, ultimately contributing to the organization's success and bottom line.

“Here’s the big secret about magical meetings. They’re not just about the meetings themselves. When an organization creates a meeting culture that allows its teams to effectively collaborate and communicate, they will carry those skills and attitudes into everything they do. Innovation, creativity, adaptability, and communication will leak out of the meeting room and spill over into other projects, assignments, and meetings.”
Magical Meetings

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