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About Us

At Thinkly Solutions, our mission is to transform traditional ways of working. Through interactive workshops and meeting optimization strategies, we empower individuals, teams, and organizations to collaborate better, solve problems faster, and achieve better outcomes.

Key Principles



Promote open communication and active participation in a psychologically safe environment

Clock with person



Achieve concrete results by centering on your unique circumstances and staying focused on the relevant topics



Encourage new ideas and perspectives through participation in engaging activities

Our Story

During our 18+ combined years in consulting, we observed teams getting stuck for a variety of reasons. Naturally, people set up meetings to discuss the perceived problem. However, traditional meetings often didn’t achieve desired outcomes, especially when faced with complex, open-ended challenges. The result was the need for another meeting, which created an endless cycle.


We are curious people who love to investigate pain points, identify patterns, and organize information to drive action, and we knew there had to be a better way. Using skills we learned from Design Thinking and Agile certifications, we developed and facilitated new types of collaborative and inclusive workshops to get teams moving again. We loved seeing the successful results of these sessions. This is why we started Thinkly Solutions, a women-owned business focused on transforming traditional ways of working! In addition to designing and facilitating workshops, we also now offer other services like training and meeting revamp to help teams collaborate better in general.

We hope you’ll trust us to transform your meetings, reignite stalled projects, and generate new ideas...all in a collaborative and inclusive environment.

caitlin headshot

Caitlin Anderson

  • 10+ years at IBM Consulting and Uber focusing on complex project/program management and operations

  • BA, International Economics, UVA

  • Agile and Design Thinking Certified

Seema Headshot

Seema Habash

  • 7+ years at IBM Consulting focusing on business process enhancements and project management

  • MBA, Business Analysis Focus, UMD

  • BS, Information Systems, UMD

  • BS, Marketing, UMD

  • Agile and Design Thinking Certified

Why Work With Us?

You Don't Fit in a Box

You and your needs are unique. We won't try and squeeze you into a standard framework. We listen to what you need and design our solutions around your specific situation.

Until End Do Us Part

You will work with the two of us from beginning to end, so we really get to know your needs and working style. You can contact us whenever you have a question and you won't be passed around to different people or departments.

Your Success is Our Success

Doing this is our passion! So your success and happiness is important to us. We started this company because we love what we do and believe in the benefits.

Our Promise to You
Our commitment to your success means we will only recommend our services if we are confident that it's the right fit. We value honesty and transparency in all of our interactions, and we will never push for a solution that isn't what you need.

What people say

Image by Alexander Grey

"I've gotten to see Caitlin lead design sessions with her clients virtually. During the pandemic, I've had to sit through a fair share of virtual design sessions that have missed the mark. Caitlin was so prepared and adept at leading a virtual session, that all topics were given appropriate time and engagement was strong."

"Seema and Caitlin helped me better understand my team’s needs. Our sessions with them allowed the team to freely share what was working for them and what could be even better. We were able to uncover a number of simple, actionable items to make the environment more conducive to productive and creative work. Taking action on the “even better ifs” made our team feel heard and valued."

"Seema took one of the most difficult challenges of completely remote work - holding design thinking sessions - and turned it into a major skill of hers. I looked forward to meetings that Seema ran because I knew they would be a breath of fresh air due to their effectiveness, pace, and organization."

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